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Racism in America

I am not old enough to have experienced forced segregation. I am not old enough to know what it’s like to have to sit in the back of the bus. I am not old enough to remember what it was like in a time before it was acceptable for a couple like my parents to be together. My dad is black and my mom is white and my grandma reminds me often how lucky I am to have been born in an era of racial equality and tolerance. But even today is there true racial tolerance?

That question constantly pops into my head and for good reason. I’ll be on yahoo reading articles about football players fighting or something involving a black person. After I’m done reading an article I’ll scroll through the comments and leave replies but what surprises me every time  is when I see a comment saying “These thugs are ruining America”. Or they”ll type “These niggers are ruining football and they should all by hanged.” It actually happens more often than you think, for about every twenty comments there will about six or seven comments like the ones I’ve mentioned.

It’s funny because a few weeks ago an African-American defensive player for the Philadelphia Eagles made a tackle for a loss and in his celebration he pretended to be firing a machine gun and he got a lot of flack for it from those yahooers . But during the last NHL season there was an article about how  the Washington Capitals , left winger, Alexander Ovechkin would get on one knee after scoring a goal and with his stick he would pretend to shoot a gun but people would defend him saying he was excited about scoring. So, what’s the difference between getting excited about making a big play  to end a teams drive and scoring goal. Nothing, except the ethnicity of the individuals and the sports they play.

Two black guys fight during a football game and they’re thugs. Two white guys fight during a hockey game and they’re praised, they are given a title, and they are excused for their actions. Why, is it because that’s what you do in hockey? Is it because in hockey tempers flare and certain players need to be protected? I call bull shit. The difference is race and that’s the only difference.

But racism isn’t just displayed by whites towards other races. Racism is displayed in the streets by blacks towards whites and other races or any race towards any other race. Racism has a presence so strong in this nation, I smell when i walk out of the house. I hear racism when I’m in my home. And it’s sad because my grandma, who I love dearly, thought that when Obama was elected president that all racism ended, but when I told her what I read on yahoo I saw her face sink. She became saddened and upset. I wish my grandmas dreams of racism to end came true but as long as some people in this country are stuck on stupid her dreams won’t come true.


One response

  1. Rebecca Perine

    I totally agree with you.

    November 23, 2011 at 7:21 am

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