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Capitol Hill Niggas

James Baldwin asked

“who is the nigger”

I followed suit and too asked

“Who is the nigger”

is it the young black male with his finger on the trigger

or is the nigger

the politician who helped run this country into the ground

I am not the niggers nor do I see any niggers around

But when I look to Capitol Hill

I feel

That I see niggers there

People we elected with their noses turned up to the air

They are ignorant

They pretend we don’t exist

And wait hold on there’s a twist

To them we are the niggers

But in reality we are the triggers we are the spark

Of this country you and I are the heat

And those niggers on Capitol Hill are the brain

But they often forget the brain needs blood to survive

And the blood only gets there if the heart continues to beat

But because of those niggers on Capitol Hill our future is bleak

Therefore the pulse of this country is getting weak

And quicker and quicker

Those niggers dissolve our American Dream

And it seems

The niggers of Capitol Hill are only watching the backs of the big corporations

The same that continue on raping my American way

And what do those Capitol Hill niggers have to say


They just point their fingers and look for others to blame

They refuse to admit they’re at fault

Because of them the American Way has come to an abrupt halt

As the heart of America struggles to get by

As the unemployment rate remains sky high

So continues to be the price of rice

A staple in many families meals

But the niggers on Capitol Hill

Would rather vote to reaffirm ” In God We Trust”

Instead of voting on something that is a must

Like voting to create new jobs

People Blame Obama

But Obama was robbed

By those Capitol Hill niggers

that robbed us

But never give up

We can retake our government

And implement

Laws that keep corporations away

Laws that keep elected officials from going astray

Laws that will eventually lead to a brighter day

For this once…

No, for this still great country

We just have to remain hungry

Hungry for what’s right

Hungry for our rights

Hungry to retake our government

From those Capitol Hill niggers.

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I don’t advocate the use of the word nigger. I actually advocate against the use of the word. But when I was writing this poem I couldn’t find a word that seemed fitting of the anger I felt towards the ignorance, idiocy, and hypocrisy demonstrated by our senate and house of representatives.


2 responses

  1. John Smith

    I dont like the word nigger or nigga theyre the same to me but i did enjoy your poem

    December 9, 2011 at 12:45 am

  2. Pretty! This was a really wonderful post. Thank you for your provided information.

    January 3, 2012 at 9:51 pm

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