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Every Religion Has Done Wrong

With Syria, a mostly Muslim country, being engulfed in turmoil over this past week end a lot of people were quick to bash Muslims again. People were dropping the usual harassing statements, like “towel heads”, or just any other offensive term for Muslims. Some people called Islam a hateful and backwards religion, stating “Mohammed raped nine year old little girls and ‘Allah’ allowed him to do it.”, unbeknownst to those people Allah is the same God as the Christian and Jewish God, those are the three Abrahamic religions. One woman also wrote one of the most outlandish statements I have ever read. She wrote, ” Of all the loons in the world, Muslims have to be the looniest”, as if some how all Muslims are grouped together and have the same brain.

What I think is funny, is all these self righteous Christians claim that all Muslims are evil and that no Muslim should be allowed to live in America. Self righteous Christians chastise all Muslims as if all Muslims are tied to terrorist groups and all Muslims condone acts of terror against America. Which is stupid for two reasons. One, America has the largest population of Muslims outside of the middle east. Two, if we’re going to blame all Muslims for the acts of a small group of Muslims then we should treat all religions the same. So that means we should treat all Christians terribly because of the things a few Christians did in the past.

What horrible things have Christians done that beckon for them to be treated the same way people treat Muslims? Try Timothy McVeigh, who bombed Oklahoma City to avenge what had happened at Waco and Ruby Ridge, and also drew inspiration from Focus On the Family’s founder, James Dobson. Did you forget about Peoples Temple founder Jim Jones and what he did? Jim Jones brutally beat young children in front of his congregation, often used methamphetamines, and lastly he led a mass suicide that left 909 people dead including 303 children. Then you got the Branch Davidians led by David Koresh. The Branch Davidians are the group that were apart of the Waco Siege. The Waco siege ultimately led to almost all of the Branch Davidians being killed. Then there are just so many other Christian groups that do horrible thing, there’s too many of them to write down in one post.

So do you see what I mean? If we blame every body who practices a religion for the actions of a fringe group we’d all be blamed for some thing we didn’t do. The discriminatory statements I showed you earlier in this article are just a few of the statements out there. And the discrimination will continue until we teach tolerance to the intolerant.


The Real Job Creators

A lot of right wing ideologues oppose tax increases on Americas most wealthy by stating one thing but, that one thing doesn’t hold much truth. What is the right wing ideologues statement? That statement is “You can’t raise taxes on the rich because they are the ‘job creators’.” Excuse my language for a minute but, that statement is total and utter bull shit. Where did they get the idea that these people are the job creators? If you know any one who says wealthy people are job creators tell them to email me and explain to me how the wealthy are job creators.

See in America there is a thing called a free market economy. While Americas free market is not a totally pure free market, it is a free market none the less. Being that our economy is based upon a free market, there is one thing we absolutely cannot escape. That thing that we absolutely cannot escape is supply and demand. Supply and demand isn’t a black and white thing. There are many variables that play into a free market economy and supply and demand so the explanations I will give will be the simple basic ideas of supply and demand.

Supply is dependent on demand and it also goes the other way around. The equilibrium is the perfect balance of supply and demand. If demand is high then supply will most likely be high, thus creating a higher equilibrium. If supply is high and demand is down their will be a lower equilibrium. With that information being stated, I am now going to tell you who and what creates jobs.

If demand is high there will be more need of supply. If supply is high then we will need more people to create the products that are being demanded. If more people are making a product the action of making that product is a persons job. That being said, some people will still wonder who are the job creators. Well in a free market economy, that is based on supply and demand, people like you and I are the real job creators. Don’t believe me, look at what happens every year during Christmas and Summer time.

While wealthy business owners do play their part in creating jobs initially, after free enterprise takes action, business owners play no part in job creation. The fact that some conservative and liberal politicians are lying to us and telling us business owners need to be protected from taxes is upsetting. These politicians are pretty much calling the American people stupid and are expecting that we haven’t taken a simple economics class, which is a requirement to graduate from high school. The politicians need to stop representing big businesses and wealthy business owners and get back to representing the average American. I just turned eighteen not even a year ago and I am already sick and tired of the games politicians play. I know those of you who are older than me must be ready to ditch the whole idea of democracy after seeing it be corrupted by people like the Koch brothers. Hopefully, politicians will smarten up and get the Koch out of our government.

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Colleges Turn Students Liberal

At a speech, I’m figuring in Florida, Rick Santorum claims Obama’s education plan is indoctrinating young adults into believing the left’s ideology.

The problem with this is so often people are always trying to blame any body for anything. Rick Santorum claims universities are teaching young adults that the right is wrong and the left is right. As a college student I can tell you this is false statement used to pander to a certain crown. I haven’t experienced one indoctrinating moment but, maybe me with my left thinking mind the government isn’t trying to indoctrinate me.

Politics, especially recently, have become absolutely silly. Candidates are saying any and everything to gain voters support even if it means distorting truths and misrepresenting statistics. I know this has been going one for awhile but a little bit is understandable. The amounts of the crap that’s spewing from the candidates mouths is unprecedented. My point is proven every time a candidate walks upon a stage and says things like Rick Santorum.

It’s Seldom That Truth wins

From Mitt Romney’s tax returns we found out a lot. We found out that he pays a 13.6 percent income tax which amounts to 3 million dollars. We also found out he makes more in a day than the median American household makes in a year. Probably one of the most understated things we found out from Mitt Romney’s tax return is to which groups he made large donations.

From Mr. Romney’s tax returns we found out he donates a considerable amount of money to organizations working to end the spread of LGBT equality. There’s two problems with this discovery. Two weeks before releasing his tax returns, Mitt Romney said in New Hampshire that he would support equal rights for members of the LGBT community. The other problem is, Mitt Romney aspires to be the President of the United States but, is willing to alienate a group of Americans and help spread false statements about that group of Americans.

The two groups that Mr. Romney made his donations to were The Massachusetts Family Institute, to whom Mr. Romney donated ten thousand dollars, and The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, to whom Romney donated twenty-five thousand dollars. Both organizations preach that you can pray the gay away, because one chooses to be gay the same way he or she chooses to be born with a cleft lip. They also preach that conversion or reparative therapy can turn a homosexual person into a heterosexual. These two groups stand by reparative therapy even though the American Psychology Association states  there’s nothing wrong with members of the LGBT community and that reparative therapy doesn’t work.

The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty’s name is actually contradictory. They want religious liberty for religious people but not for people who are free of religion or don’t follow exactly what “religious” books say. They were the people that made sure “under God” stayed in the Pledge of Allegiance. Even though they claim to be protecting peoples religious freedoms they are forcing all kids in the United States, even the ones who may not believe in a God, to say the Pledge of Allegiance with “under God” in it. That doesn’t sound like religious freedom to me.

Then the Massachusetts Family Institute is just outright bigoted. They support a bill that would fine a transgender male or transgender female for using the public restroom or dressing room of the sex they identify with. While the fine is relatively small, fifty dollars, it’s the principle of the bill that throws me off. The Tennessee Legislator who drafted the bill, Sen. (R) Bo Watson, claimed that the bill was to ensure the safety of all patrons in public facilities. Yea, that’s how he justifies his transphobia, with a lame ass excuse claiming it is to protect people, because so many transgender people are just running around raping people in public restrooms and dressing rooms.

Mr. Romney needs to make up his mind. He needs to decide if he wants to represent all Americans or only the ones who believe what he does. Then when he finally makes up his he needs to not be so capricious. Mr. Romney make up your mind and stay with what you have decided. I think it’s more important to build strong base of people that have similar beliefs than a shaky base of people who only agree with the things you say rather than what you actually believe.

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Too Quick To Pick

I turned eighteen last year, so that obviously means this presidential election will be the first non-school election I get to vote in. The same goes for many of my friends. The problem with young voters, like me and my friends, is that we are too quick to pick which party we belong to. Even though we really knew nothing about each party when we registered to vote.

What most young adults know about each is party is only what we were taught from outdated and falling apart text books and family biases, I dodged one of those bullets but not the other. These text books tell us just the basic ideas of each party. Like republicans are described as the party that is anti-government  and supports more power for the individual states than a central more powerful federal government and was often described as the party of Thomas Jefferson, who wouldn’t like that. Democrats are described as the big government party, the party that supports a big central government rather than more powerful individual state rights and was often described as the party of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the original Welfare President, not sure if I like that party.

There’s obviously more to each party, especially now when politics and political parties are changing and growing faster than ever. Take for example the Tea Party, a branch of the republican party. While they are fairly new to the political spectrum they have caused a raucous as large the creation of the dixiecrat party, a separatist democratic group, in the 1948 election. However, the Tea Party isn’t mentioned in any textbooks and neither are the dixiecrats.

There’s also the newer parties that aren’t as outrageously far right as the Tea Party or as outrageously far left as the Coffee Party, yes there is a Coffee Party. The right has; for the most part, Libertarians; but some libertarians identify as democrats. Then the left has progressives and liberals, why the left doesn’t have an in between branch bewilders me. Most teachers won’t discuss the in between parties they simply teach students what’s in the book and that’s fine because if teachers tried to teach students about every party the students may not learn anything else.

Now let’s get back to the serious issue here. Young adults are choosing which party they belong to simply because of two factors, family biases and not so current political interpretations of each party. Since kids are being taught what they political political parties believed rather than learning what they believe now. Now because of this fact this country will see a lot of young voters vote for somebody simply because of their party. And that means if Newt Gingrich wins the republican nomination a lot of young voters will vote for him. If we have learned anything from the last election, young voters are what are what make the difference. So let’s educate young Americans and allow them to choose a candidate based on the candidates character and similar beliefs rather than the party the individual party the candidate is from.

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Why Do Prisoners Live Better than Most Americans?

A mocking letter was written to a newspaper in Raleigh, North Carolina. This letter wouldn’t have received so much outrage if it’s author were a different person in a different circumstance. The author of this letter was 50 year old death row inmate, Danny Hembree Jr..

This inmate, I will only refer to him as that from here on out, shows a blatant disregard for our justice system and shows no remorse for the life of young Heather Catterton, whose life he took. He is also accused of killing two other women. In the letter the inmate wrote he stated he lived a lavish lifestyle. He also wrote, “Is the public aware that I am a gentleman of leisure, watching color TV in the A.C., reading, taking naps at will, eating three well balanced hot meals a day,” The inmate went on to say. “I’m housed in a building that connects to the new 55 million dollar hospital with round the clock free medical care 24/7.” On top of the out right assholish statements he wrote, he also said his lawful murder probably wouldn’t happen and that he would die of natural causes in prison.

Outside of all things he wrote he also added this snide remark “I laugh at you self righteous clowns and I spit in the face of your so called justice system. The state of North Carolina has sentenced me to death but it’s not real.” I am absolutely against the death penalty, except for in a few cases like serial child molesters, serial rapists, and serial killers. In fact I signed on Monday a petition to end the death penalty in California. In this case though, I think the inmates death sentence should be expedited and he should be buried with an unmarked grave and forgotten by society forever. He has no place in my America. He has no place in your America. However, because there is a system that is poorly ran he gets to receive many things that many Americans have to go without.

I don’t understand something. It used to be that prisoners had to work in chain gangs and in ditches on the side of the road but, because some judge deemed that work cruel and unusual punishment these inmates get to live better than many Americans. Congress has allowed the people who have played their part in making America unsafe to live not necessarily nice life’s but they receive free health insurance. My family and I, or any one in a similar situation, can’t get free health insurance but, murderers, rapists, child molesters, and thieves get free health insurance. How does that make sense? I’m thinking I should go rob a bank so I can get a free physical and dental exam.

Where did we go wrong and make prison bearable? Prison is supposed to be depressing and frightful, you’re supposed to never want to go back to jail but the way it’s been depicted by this inmate it’s kind of clear why most felons end up back in prison. Our prison system is in dire need of a reform. In California, in 2006 it cost about 45,000 dollars a year to house an inmate. Where does that even begin to make sense? The government spends more money housing an inmate than the average American makes in a year.

That’s backwards isn’t it? But that’s the America you and I live in. People who have done wrong get rewarded and the people struggling to get by get forgotten. We need to do something and fast. If not we’re going to be suffering the repercussions for a long time to come.

Goodbye Gabby

Today was the final day for Gabby Giffords in congressional office. She resigned, but Debbie Wasserman Schultz said it wouldn’t be the final time that you and I see Ms. Giffords in office. I honestly hope to see this strong and wonderful woman in office again, hopefully soon.

With Ms. Giffords resigning for obvious reasons certain things have also been brought up. Certain things like gun control laws. You’d think with some one like Ms. Giffords being attacked the way she was, there’d be more gun control laws. On the contrary, there are actually less gun control laws in certain states and even in Arizona than there were before the Tuscon shooting. One of the laws that is new to certain states in the union is that convicted felons can now own guns. Yea, the people who were convicted of crimes can own a gun but, those same people can’t vote.

Both things seem a little backwards to me. Gun laws should have immediately become more strict, just for a little while, not less strict. And why would some one rather have a gun than have the right to vote. To me my right to vote is significantly more important than my right to own a gun. Yes guns, protect me from immediate danger but my right to vote protects my future and present. My right to vote also protects me from idiots who want to create dumb laws.

It seems as a country we’re lacking the intelligence, common sense, and care for one another that used to be the reason people came to America. Too often people are settling for the immediate fix than the long term solution. People would rather own guns than have the right to vote. I remember reading in text books that voting used to be a luxury afforded to certain people and how people fought and in some cases were bombarded with billy clubs and tear gas just to receive the right to vote. And today you have  people more concerned about owning a gun than being disenfranchised. It just doesn’t make sense.

Again I would like to wish Ms. Giffords and her husband all the best.

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Who Doesn’t Pay Income Taxes?

I was on yahoo before the State of the Union speech reading an article about what Obama might talk about during his speech. One of the things the author of the article thought the President was planning on talking about were the poor tax codes in this country.

As usual people were quick to talk mess about Obama. Saying the usual things like “Odummer is at it again.” or “Obuma is spreading his class warfare again.” Those weren’t that surprising but it’s funny because it’s the poor white people defending people like Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich. The most intriguing comment by far though, said “If Obama wants everybody to pay their fair share why doesn’t he make the 51 % of the people that don’t pay income tax, pay income tax.”

This guy has a very valid point. If Obama wants every body to be equal and pay their fair share why doesn’t he make every body pay income taxes. We have to look at everything though. It’s one of those things again that when you don’t have all of the numbers it makes everything around the situation look bad.

First, the number of Americans that don’t pay income tax is actually around 46%. The forty-six percent is roughly seventy-six million American households. Of those seventy-six million households, half of them are actually poor and cannot afford to pay an income tax, but that doesn’t mean they are exempt from any taxes just income taxes. That means thirty-eight million American households that can afford to pay income tax don’t.

See this is where that guys question has some validity. Not only because these people who can afford to pay income tax aren’t pay income tax but because of how much they make. It’s the people who make 75,000 to 100,000 who aren’t paying a federal income tax. Why, don’t these people who are firmly in the middle class not pay an income tax? I don’t know. I’ve looked about every where, did about three hours of research and I couldn’t find a solid answer to why these people are not paying an income tax.

This leads me to have to agree with Obama and many democrats. Let’s get these people to pay their fair share. My dad is a diabetic and suffers from many other diseases. He makes what the average American worker makes and after taxes he barely he has enough money to cover for groceries let alone his many medications. I’m not saying he shouldn’t pay an income tax because I believe he should. I am saying that congress should make sure that every American is paying at least a minimum of income taxes.

State Of the Union

Tonight President Obama delivered his annual State of the Union speech. It was an hour and five minutes long. His speech covered many topics but all topics were pertinent to getting America out of this recession, getting Americans back to work, and getting the congress and senate to work together. It was a rather good speech , I would say it was his best speech since running for the presidency.

Obama stated the armed forces cooperation was an example that all Americans should follow. He covered how if we want to get back to being the best America we can be we’ll have to work together and quit the bickering and fighting. I believe giving credit to where it was due and setting out goals to get where we need to get was a focal point of the presidents.

On top of asking Americans to unite, Obama also stated everything he did. He wasn’t necessarily boasting but he was letting all of his critics know what he has done in his first. He told Americans he has less regulations than the Bush Administration. He made it known that HE and seal team 6 got Osama Bin Laden and almost every high ranking Al Qaeda member. He also added three million jobs.

He also talked about everything he wanted to get done. He told Americans and American business owners he wanted to reward American businesses who hired in the United States. Also, he said he would a minimum tax for all businesses and businesses who out sourced jobs would pay more taxes. And to keep scientific and high technological jobs in America he would give incentives to businesses who funded college programs and hired people like Jackie Bray.

On the lighter side of the State of the Union President Obama shared a long and heart felt embrace with  Congresswoman Gabby Giffords. And college students and younger people part of the workforce may be calling in to work sick and missing class. See there’s a new drinking game for the State of the Union and according to the rules some people may have gotten hammered tonight.

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Numbers Lie

There’s a new demotivational picture floating around the internet and the numbers on this photo don’t necessarily lie but they definitely don’t tell the whole truth. On one half of the picture it says “Debt added by the 43 previous presidents combined: 6.3 trillion”. On the other half of this picture it says “Debt added by this president: 6.5 trillion”. While this picture is factually correct it does not relay all of the facts.

Yes through the first forty-three presidents only 6.3 trillion dollars were added to the deficit but that 6.3 trillion was also added by a single president. When Clinton left office there was a surplus and that means when Bush took office there was a surplus. When bush left office there was a deficit, a 6.3 trillion dollar deficit. Now if I only tell you these facts it makes it seem like President Bush was a pretty shitty president, and I don’t believe he was. Now if I tell you that when Bush was in office we entered two wars, had many tax cuts, and other things that would influence the deficit, would you still feel the same way. Maybe, it really depends on what your political views and other circumstances.

Now there’s the whole forty-fourth presidents added debt. Obama has added a ton and I mean a ton of money to the deficit, 6.5 sounds about right. 6.5 trillion dollars is a lot to add to a deficit in ten years let alone three but then there’s the whole numbers being taken out of context thing. If I told you any other person added 6.5 trillion dollars in three years you’d probably have an aneurysm. However, if I told you that that person inherited a crumbling housing market. Big banks that were too big to fail so they had to bail them out. They also inherited a crumbling automobile industry. That person also had companies shipping jobs to other countries so people got laid off therefore more people collect welfare and unemployment benefits. Had to prevent two new wars. And that person also inherited the biggest recession since The Great Depression. Now that all those things have been introduced to the equation, that 6.5 trillion, albeit it is still a tremendously large number, seems a little bit more reasonable.

Then there’s other things that the presidents cannot account for. Such as inflation, a do nothing congress, population increase, and other things. While Obama has collected the most debt in the shortest amount of time, if you put the debt numbers at the time of The Great Depression into what they would be today I am almost certain Herbert Hoover would have accumulated a similar amount of debt. I’m not saying Obama doesn’t have some faults because he has faults and he is to blame for some things. I’m just saying rather than spread half lies put everything out there and allow people to come to their own conclusions.