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Marines In Media

With in the last month the Marines have gotten a lot of negative lime light. First, with the video of Marines urinating on the bodies of fallen Taliban rebels. Second, and final, with a photo scout snipers adopting the Nazi Waffen SS as flag as their own. While I understand that war will do things to an individual and a large amount of marines are younger gentleman and ladies, especially men, who try to one up each other and do foolish things to do so, these photos and videos are hardly excusable. These men and women are ambassadors, on top of being soldiers, for the United States. They represent all of America and Americans even though that may not be their intentions when enlisting.

However, with all these past infractions I stumbled upon a humbling, beautiful, and moving photo while on Facebook. The photo pictured lying on a bed next to casket draped in the American flag. One can deduce from the image that the casket held a fallen soldier and that the woman was close to the fallen soldier. In fact, in the casket lay 2nd Lt. James Cathey of the United States Marine Corps, and the woman lying next to the casket was his wife whom wanted to sleep next to her husband one last time before he was laid to his eternal rest. This picture was truly remarkable and the story behind it was even more moving.

The sad part of this picture is, that it will be over looked so people can report of the wrong doings and mishaps of the Marine. We as American people would much rather hear about negative and heart wrenching stories than positive and heart warming stories. We become hooked by the stories that involve violence and death and we eagerly over look the stories of love and peace. Why that is, I am not quite sure but I know until we start focusing on the brighter side of life we will have to deal with an unnecessary struggle.

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“The night before the burial of her husband 2nd Lt. James Cathey of the United States Marine Corps, killed in Iraq, Katherine Cathey refused to leave the casket, asking to sleep next to his body for the last time. The Marines made a bed for her, tucking in the sheets below the flag. Before she fell asleep, she opened her laptop computer and played songs that reminded her of him, and one of the Marines asked if she wanted them to continue standing watch as she slept. “I think it would be kind of nice if you kept doing it” she said. “I think that’s what he would have wanted”.”

-Not sure what is more honorable: Being married to this faithful wife to the end or the Marine standing next to the casket watching over them both.


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