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Black History Month Revisited

It’s the middle of February and I have seen about 100 black history month commercials. Proclaiming all the great things black Americans have done. I feel I am being drowned in the “history of my people”. The funniest part of Black History Month and what the people who organize it, though is they claim to be helping “my people”. It’s foolish to believe that by spending millions of dollars to put commercials on television that you’ll help people who are suffering.

I don’t come from a necessarily poor city but, by no means is Long Beach upper echelon and many parts of  this great city are some what slumish. If the organizers of Black History Month really wish to help black people they should try to actually do something rather than bombard television sets with commercials throwing facts and characters at people. They should try to organize after school programs that are so dearly needed at inner-city schools. They should try donating computers and books and other needed items at those same inner-city schools.

So often nowadays we have become more about reflecting and looking back upon past times rather than actually looking for solutions to the problems in the present time. Black History Month is just another tool people use to ignore the obvious problems we have. The NAACP Image Awards is another tool used. The people at the NAACP feel it necessary to award people with awards that they may have already been awarded at the Grammy’s, Academy Awards, or any other awards show. It’s just unnecessary to have these awards and Black History Month.


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