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Loretta Lynn For “The Pill”

I am a huge country music fan. When you listen to country music there are few artists you can’t ignore, no matter how long ago these artist began their careers. Those artist are of course Johnny Cash, Conway Twitty, Patsy Cline, and Loretta Lynn. These four artists are the epitome of what country music was and they are a perfect example of the greatness a country musician should try to obtain through out their careers. Johnny Cash was “The Man in Black”, Conway Twitty had the most number one singles of any act until 2006, Patsy Cline is the Queen of Country Music, and Loretta Lynn the Coal Miners Daughter exemplifies a true rags to riches story.

These musicians are probably some of the most notable musicians in American History. One thing sets Loretta Lynn apart, though. She was an outspoken advocate for women’s rights and equality for women and she also spoke out against the Vietnam War. She has more banned songs than any other country artist. Among those songs are, “Rated X” which talks about the stigma of divorced women, the song was more controversial because it’s frank language rather than it’s message. Another was “Wings Upon Your Horns”, which discussed the loss of teenage virginity, which to Loretta Lynn who was married at fourteen and had four children before leaving her teenage years may not seem that controversial. Then the one song that is catching a lot of attention because of the contraception issue going on right now is “The Pill”, which speaks of the liberation of women via the pill.

That song was released in 1972. In 1972 Loretta Lynn rejoiced in the fact that there was a pill that a woman could take that would prevent her from having more children and prevent that woman from being tethered any further to a man. To say this song was controversial back then is an understatement, in some places now that song is still very controversial. The thing I’m trying to convey by talking about this song is why is a woman born in Kentucky in 1935 more progressive on hormonal contraception forty years ago than a person born in 1978 in legislature today.

It doesn’t make sense, really, I am perplexed by how little sense it makes to be anti-contraception. Contraception isn’t an evil thing and women who use contraception aren’t more likely to be more sexually active. Contraception is a safety net for that time when a woman does go out and things do get a little hot and heavy or God forbid when a woman is attacked and raped. Contraception also has many uses away from it’s sexual aspects. Contraception is used when women have a thyroid problem or an ovarian cyst but many contraception opponents claim contraception is only used so women can go out and perform acts of bumping nasty’s, I’m eighteen bumping nasty’s is hilarious to me I apologize for using it if any one is offended by my use of it.

Contraception was invented and better forms of contraception will continue to be introduced into society. It is a necessary thing nowadays and to prevent a woman from using it is not only illogical but also immoral. Hormonal contraception should given a different name because it’s current name is doing more harm than good and could be putting many women in danger especially in states where the Personhood Amendment may be put into law. It seems we have been regressing recently and until we as a society learn how to stop being dumb we will continue to regress further in to the ubiquitous darkness that was the individually repressive Dark Ages.


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