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Children Indoctrinated By Dr. Seuss

Lou Dobbs, a Fox Business Analyst, doesn’t seem to like children’s movies. Or rather children’s movies that encourage children to borrow things or speak their mind. Lou Dobbs earlier this week claimed that two new children’s movies, the movie adaptation of Dr. Suess’s The Lorax and Japanes adapted film The Secret World of Arrietty, are indoctrinating children and are “demonizing the 1 percent and espousing the virtue of green energy policy.” Now, to you and I know these movies aren’t indoctrinating children and these movies aren’t teaching kids to demonize the 1 percent. Even if that were the objective kids wouldn’t notice it because while watching these movies they’d be distracted by the furry orange talking peanut or they would be amazed by the tiny girl climbing curtains with earrings she found.

It’s absolutely silly to claim “Liberal Hollywood” is trying to indoctrinate young kids who have no idea what politics are even about. Actually, by bringing it up Lou Dobbs does more damage and might actually sway those right leaning parents to speak to their kids about these “evil” movies. So, with these parents forcing their ideologies upon their children two things could possibly happen. One, those parents could create far right radical ideologues. Two, the kids of those parents, who are right ideologues, in an attempt to rebell may become far left wing ideologues. With the creation of these two sets radical ideologues there a turmoil ulike ever before.

Lou Dobbs and the cronies that discussed these films and talked about their indoctrination forgot to talk about the indoctrination of young kids on the part of the Right wing. Yes, the Right wing does indoctrinate people and they have published works to verify my claims. If you haven’t read it you should check out Angel In the Waters, a book that was created solely to help young children hear a word of pro-life before even hearing a word of pro-choice; that was how it was described by a Right wing blogger. Let’s not forget the inoctrination of kids to believe that being gay is wrong and a person should be punished for being gay, that’s messed up.

I am not naive, I understand that some people on the left are out there trying to indoctrinate children into leaning left politically. But let’s call these movies what they really are, children’s movies. There are hundreds even thousands of things that prove that the Left wing and the Right wing are guilty of trying to indoctrinate children. So, let’s leave the false allegations of indoctrinations alone and let’s allow the people or actual political reporters to decide what is indoctrination and what isn’t. Because the longer people like Lou Dobbs continue to claim indoctrination on the account of the children’s movies the longer people like Lou Dobbs will continue to come off as belligrently ignorant.



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