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Single Parenthood Linked to Child Abuse

According to a new bill introduced by Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman single parenthood is now linked to Child abuse and neglect. It’s not just single parenthood that the bill links to neglect but also non-married couples, such as same-sex couples or the just as sinful wedlock couples. The bill requires “the Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board to emphasize nonmarital parenthood as a contributing factor to child abuse and neglect.” Now, how does one equate a non-married couple to child abusers simply because the couple isn’t married. It is impossible, unless you believe an “unconventional family” unit is abuse within itself.

Now to say Wisconsin Senate bill 507 would do a lot of damage to many Wisconsinites is an understatement. Of the people with children in Wisconsin one-third of them are single parents but, there are same-sex couples with children and also there are non-married couples with children. It is, quite frankly, pathetic to label these groups of people as child abusers because they don’t fit your mold of the perfect family. These people may be struggling to take care of their children as it is and to say to them “Oh you might get your children taken away because you’re not apart of an ‘old fashioned family’.” is so outlandish many people would probably laugh at the idea. However, this bill could possibly become law in about two years.


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