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Abortion Leads To Breast Cancer

On top of the many ridiculous things the new abortion laws have introduced into my young life, probably the most ridiculous thing I have heard is that an Arizona law would make it legal for doctors to lie to their patients seeking abortions. In fact, not only does this law allow doctors to lie to their patients seeking abortions but it forces doctors to lie to their patients. What is this lie doctors, even if they are unwilling to lie to patients, have to spread? Well the lie is that abortions lead to and are linked to breast cancer. If that sounds ridiculous to you either you are a sane person or you are not a republican legislator from Arizona.

The sad part about this bill is that there are at least three more state bills that are similar to the one in Arizona. I know for certain that the states of Kansas and New Hampshire have similar bills in the works and possibly Indiana. I think it’s absolutely erroneous for these Conservative law makers to say getting an abortion is sinning but they feel it’s acceptable to force others to sin, lie, as long as they keep women from getting abortions. Where’s the line in the sand that these law makers say there should when it comes to the laws they create and peoples individual freedoms.

I believe it is not only erroneous but also hypocritical when these Conservative law makers jump down the throats of Liberal or Progressive law makers and judge those Liberal law makers by saying they are restricting peoples freedoms. Now, if you want to compare wanting everybody to pay into social security or universal healthcare to forcing women to keep unwanted babies that might have been conceived from rape or just unplanned conception then yes, you are absolutely right and Liberal law makers are just as guilty of restricting peoples individual freedoms. However, if you don’t find the law makers ideas comparable then you are an intelligent individual.

Before these bills were brought to my attention I thought the alleged War on Women was just something blown out of proportion or at least something being operated by the small religious right. But now after reading these bills and seeing that a majority of the republicans in these states support these bills I have to believe that there actually is possibly and most likely a War on Women. At the very least these conservative law makers want to revert back to a patriarchal society and have women simply be house wives who stay at home, look after the kids, and make babies when ever a man dictates he wants another baby. If that’s what they want I have no problem with them enforcing that society in their respective homes, this is America and if a couple decides a woman should stay at home that is there decision. When they try to force their beliefs upon every house hold though, that is when I take issue and so should every body. I am not saying what I believe is right nor am I saying what those people believe is wrong. I am saying don’t force your beliefs on me.


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