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Endorsements or Mascots

Do you remember your high school days when there were multiple mascots at your school? My high school of Long Beach Poly had at least seven. We had two for football, one for men’s basketball, one for women’s basketball, two for baseball, and one that would appear every now and again at wrestling matches. One of my friends asked me once why our school had so many different mascots, at the time I was filled with bewilderment and spent many hours contemplating why we had so many mascots for one school with only five thousand students. I then realized that the different mascots did different things and appealed to different crowds. The football mascots were the most acrobatic and most thrilling of the mascots. The men’s basketball team had a man Jackrabbit where the women’s basketball team had a woman Jackrabbit. The baseball mascots carried big signs and did a lot of stupid dances. And well the wrestling mascot ran up and down the stands and practiced shots. The mascots all kept peoples attention and prevented people from the events early if the events were boring. That’s kind of what endorsements they thrill people and keep people intrigued.

This morning Jeb Bush announced his endorsement for Mitt Romney. Jeb Bush’s endorsement did two things, one; it cleared up any notion that he would join the presidential race and two;  it may have helped convince people who think Mitt Romney is a moderate that he’s not that middle of the aisle. Jeb Bush’s endorsement also appeals to those establishment republicans who haven’t decided who they are going to vote for yet. So far Mitt has endorsements from comedian Jeff Foxworthy, musician Kid Rock, business mogul Donald Trump, the news paper The Chicago Tribune, and many more. All these individuals play to different kinds of people. Jeff Foxworthy plays to the average American while Kid Rock plays to the crowd from other side of the tracks. Donald Trump appeals to those business looking for more people like them in politics and The Chicago Tribune can reach those independents in a liberal dominated area.

With all these people dropping endorsements there’s a question that has to be asked. That question is do endorsements really garner any voters to any individual candidate. The answer can be debated and often is. Some will say an endorsement from the right candidate can get any voter to vote for any candidate. Others will say absolutely not endorsers are nothing more than mascots and while they may grab peoples attention it won’t garner any one persons vote. I have seen both examples but for the most part I have to say endorsements don’t really matter. If an endorsement were to really work the endorsement would have to come from an individual that gets a lot of attention and has a strong following. Say Tim Tebow offers an endorsement and endorses Mitt Romney I would say a lot of people would then vote for Mitt Romney.

There’s also a problem endorsements from figures as polarizing Tim Tebow. They may turn people away from the candidates they endorse. Endorsers that have a love/hate relationship with America should just be weary of when and if  they should announce their endorsements. Endorsements can really be a catch 22 situation only if the endorser is a polarizing figure. Other than that they are just mascots.

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  1. Hi there: thank you for getting time of creating up this details. I at all times endeavor to more my idea of facts. Whether or not I consent or disagree, I really like data. I try to remember the old times when the only source of knowledge was the library or the newspaper. They each appear so archaic. : )

    April 10, 2012 at 6:15 am

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