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Protests Have a Place

This past year America has been reintroduced to a string of effective and informative protests, marches, and occupations. With these protests come all the people from different backgrounds that have their own opinions about the protests and whether or not they believe the protest will be effective. The most recent protest are people wearing hooded sweatshirts, hoodies, and go out marching and they beckon for justice for Trayvon Martin. In a few cases people have brought the protest to their place of work and have been punished for it, (D-IL) REP. Bobby Rush.

While I support the protest in general, I would have to say I don’t agree with the fact that Bobby Rush had the platform to make a change but wasted it. Bobby Rush is a person who can actually make a difference. He has the power to draft a bill and make the voices of millions heard but because he wanted to be apart of the protest he got his opportunity taken away. Some one in a place of power like Bobby Rush shouldn’t be apart of the protest or at least not the way he wanted to be. Today he should have went to that house floor and made his speech. He should have gotten peoples attention and then actually done something. But because of his protest we have to wait a little while longer before a person at the congressional level actually tries to make a difference.

I think this video portrays perfectly how different people view the protests.


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