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Global Warming REAL!?

Recently a lot of people have been saying global warming is nothing more than poppycock. They claim that Carbon Dioxide is good for the Earth or they’ll say “It’s foolish to believe man can destroy anything that God created,therefore to believe in global warming is to doubt God.” Those two arguments can be refuted in a matter of seconds with science and a little common sense. Whenever people claim these two things I become baffled that some one would claim some thing so ludicrous a reasonable fifth grader would even disagree.

Science is complicated and a little hard to rap your head around when dealing with some subjects like chemistry or physics. However, the concept of science is simple. Science relies heavily upon reasonable theories. Those theories begin as hypotheses and scientists run tests collect data and numbers and then base their theories upon the data and numbers collected while running tests. When theories are proven they become fact and when not enough data is or can be collected but there is a large consensus in the science community, non-scientific people generally accept what the scientists say about certain things. With things that conflict with religion there will be a few people that will not accept the general theory but, for some reason people are refusing to believe in climate change even though it’s obvious.


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  1. Global warming is a hoax. Honestly it all depends on how close we are to the sun, the earth is rotating at times it gets closer and at times it moves away from the sun. Those are things that are out of our reach. Science is using global warming to collect money from those who actually believe in it.

    April 4, 2012 at 9:24 pm

    • what you described are seasonal weather changes. The orbital path in which earth travels is an elliptical one. And the path is almost a perfect circle so your explanation has been debunked. And seasonal weather changes are still part of the climate of an area, another part of your explanation debunked. Global warming, climate change, speaks of the extreme and unexpected changes in the climate. Like record breaking days in winter or summer. Or the category increase in hurricanes and how frequently they pass is another example of global warming, climate change. Scientists get paid to study global warming and the effects of global warming on the earth. They don’t just get money to talk about global warming.

      April 5, 2012 at 2:02 am

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