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The Ever Changing America

America is changing. We can see it changing from the way people act from the way our children act. We can see it changing by the music and other media people buy. The change in America is apparent, it’s so blatant that if you don’t see it, you either live in a small town in middle America where there’s one general store and one radio station and not much has changed since the 1950’s or you’re willfully ignorant to the fact America is changing. Sadly though, America is not changing for the best. It took a wrong turn some where down the road and now we are lost in two towns called Fudged Up and Don’t Give a Damn. And a lot of Americans seem  to hate being in these towns but for some reason they keep voting to stay here.

The change in America really started when the majority of young Americans started going to college. It started then because there was a message to get a majority of young Americans to go to college and after awhile the message to get young Americans to go to college changed. The message started out as “Go to college to better yourselves. Better yourselves for you, your children, and your grandchildren. Better yourselves because your parents didn’t have a chance to.” Then out of nowhere the message changed and it changed for the worse. The message has become, “Go to college because you’ll make more money than a person who didn’t.”

That message is the fundamental problem with America. I believe almost all other problems stem from that talking point. I understand at face value that sounds idiotic but allow me to delve into my beliefs. The idea of going to college because you’ll make more money is like minimizing the true value of a college education. It’s kind of like saying “The true value of a college education is the money you get once you leave college.” Or just to simplify the whole thing going to college to make more money eventually is kind of like saying “Do whatever you have to, even the most unbearable things just to make.”

Now, that belief may seem a little conspiratorial but when you factor in that a large amount of  business people are practicing profit over people, it seems the teaching of doing anything for money is deep rooted and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Let me be clear though, it is not the love of money that’s crippling the American society. It’s the love of money so much that one is willing to do almost anything to get it. And the simplest way to combat that mentality is to change the message we give our young adults preparing to attend college.


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