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Let People Be

Recently there has been a lot of news over people saying and doing stupid things. Most of them related to GOProuds endorsement of presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. The statement deemed most offensive related to GOProuds endorsement of  Mitt Romney were made by founder of the It Gets Better Project, Dan Savage. Mr. Savage tweeted “The GOP’s house faggots grab their ankles, right on cue: thenewcivilrightsmovement.com/goproud-endors…. Pathetic.” I can see why people would get offended by this statement. It’s absolutely reasonable. He used a word that was derogatory to a group of people he belongs to. However many people were quick to blame the entire left for Mr. Savages remarks. Or they entirely dismissed Mr. Savages work in the gay community because he had a lapse of judgement.

Dan Savage is in many peoples eyes a good person who has done good for a group of people. He slipped up once and was disrespectful to another group of people. Here’s the thing though he hasn’t apologized for his and I don’t think he will. He made a statement and he stood by it. Too often nowadays people are having to back track what they say or apologize for what they’ve done because a small group of people are offended. Last year country singer Blake Shelton tweeted he would kick any mans ass if they came on to him after he remade a song previously sung by a woman. People accused him of being homophobic and advocating gay bashing. Maybe if people weren’t so quick to judge they’d possibly think maybe just doesn’t want his ass grabbed. I know I’m probably thinking about this too simply but that’s who I am I love simplicity.

There’s no doubt the statements Blake Shelton or Dan Savage said were idiotic. But when did we start drawing false equivalency for idiotic statements. When did someone become homophobic for not wanting another man touching his ass. When I played football I didn’t let my teammates slap me on my ass and I was vocal about not wanting them to touch me there but am I  homophobic or would I just rather not be touched on my ass. Dan Savage was completely out of line by using the word faggot. And even more out of line by using house in front of it as if the people from GOProud were slaves. However, if you knew about Mitt Romney’s support of conversion therapy and you were gay and found out other homosexuals supported him wouldn’t be a little mad. You would and just because you’re a public that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be afforded the opportunities to say dumb things. Let people be idiotic. It’s not like they are just going to stop being idiotic because they were told to apologize so many times.


Who Is What?

James Baldwin is one of my favorite all time authors. His works embodied what it was like to be a struggling black person in America and every now and again his works embodied the soul and struggle of homosexual men. He often portrayed the harder side of life and people learned and gained perspective from his plays, poems, essays, and novels. There’s a side of Mr. Baldwin that people over look from time to time. They over look the fact that Mr. Baldwin was a great orator and said some amazingly brilliant things. In my opinion James Baldwin is one the greatest American authors to have graced this soil.

One of the greatest things Baldwin said was in the introduction to his KQED documentary, Take This Hammer. The documentary itself focuses on James Baldwin as he travels around San Francisco in 1963 discussing with a few members of the black community in San Francisco the struggle of a black person in that era. In the introduction though he discusses how people project their opinion of themselves on others. He states in more or less words that the nasty names we call people are the names in which we feel we are.

This was only a theory at the time James Baldwin made this assessment. However, since 1963 studies have shown that people actually do do this. Studies claim that people who are the most homophobic or racist have an attraction to the same sex, for homophobic, or other races, for racist. People don’t really understand why we project our negative feelings about ourselves on each other but they have determined it is a coping mechanism we use to make us feel good about ourselves.

There’s another funny thing about this realization, we see it everyday and we don’t even realize it. If you watch, listen, or follow politics any other way you would know that a lot of politicians and pundits  are constantly calling each other names. With these studies in mind you have to think to yourself if these people are really giving an opinion of somebody or the opinion of themselves. We hear often Rush Limbaugh calling somebody an awful or criticizing some one harshly. So when we hear him speak is he speaking of himself or the actually person he’s criticizing.

On a serious side of this study many American kids are being bullied. Whether they are being bullied for their faith, sexual orientation, or just because of their appearance. Now this may not be directly related but another study showed that people often project negative emotions on others who have traits they wish they had. So when a kid in school is bullied and called a nerd his bullies probably wish they had the intelligence and wits of the person being bullied. However, when bullying goes on in schools it can either go to far or a bullied kid may not know how to handle the situation well and it may lead to very negative incidents that can be avoided.

As adults and well educated ones at that we need to come together and put the pettiness behind us. We need to stop building walls between us and start tearing walls down. If we put things past us the children may be able to get out of this economic turmoil we’re in now.

The Court of Public Opinion

People continue to call George Zimmerman a racist evil person. Whether or not Zimmerman is racist is not  at question nor is the question of whether or not he is an evil person. And those things shouldn’t be at question but for some reason people are alluding to this concept and forgetting the more important thing in this case, which is the death of and finding justice for Trayvon Martin.We as a nation aren’t allowing justice to take it’s course. We have already decided that either Trayvon Martin was innocent or George Zimmerman was defending himself. We even have people posting fake photos of Martin and claiming things that are irrelevant to the case. However people who believe Zimmerman was absolutely wrong have called for his death and are releasing things that shouldn’t be released to the public. So, both sides of this case are doing things to sway public opinion.

People are making statements saying that George Zimmerman hasn’t been arrested yet and it’s a travesty of justice. What those people don’t know is that the Sanford Police department couldn’t and still can’t arrest Zimmerman because of the Stand Your Ground Law, which is Zimmerman’s main defense. This kind of case is unique because has received national attention and is polarizing but, at the same time it’s not unique because many people have claimed self defense in Florida and hadn’t been arrested. So the public outcry is necessary and it has gotten some things done but, the public outcry for the Sanford Police Department to arrest Zimmerman would force the police to break the law. And don’t get me wrong I want to see Zimmerman arrested and have a law enforcement agency run the tests that the Sanford Police Department ran on Trayvon Martin. Not because I have jumped to the conclusion that Zimmerman is guilty but because that’s what the public wants, that’s what should have happened some time ago, and to see if by any Zimmerman was abusing any drugs on that February night.

The other problem Americans are having with this case is that they are trying to sway public opinion to favor a side for example Michelle Malkin posted a fake photo and people some how got Zimmerman’s whole history. People are talking about why Martin was at his fathers which was because he was suspended from school for having a bag that might have had marijuana in it and that information has nothing to do with this case but, it paints Martin ;to some, as a bad person. If you know anything about teenagers then you’d know that kids make mistakes and this doesn’t portray Martin as a bad kid. Information that was released about Zimmerman has been used against to prove that he had a nose for violence and while lawyers may be able to use the information the public should not have any information about either person in this case. Media should only portray the people in this case as it pertains to this case. So nothing should be leaked about previous infractions of either male and there should be no one defending either person. We as the public are not a judge nor a jury nor an executioner so we should not receive any information that would sway our judgement to any one’s favor.

There’s another thing that many people are discussing and it has actually caused quite a raucous. That thing I am talking about is profiling more specifically racial profiling. It is evident that race had some influence in the case of Martin and Zimmerman. Geraldo Rivera said the hoodie Martin was wearing is just as guilty for his as Zimmerman. Geraldo said that Black and Latino youths should stay away from hooded sweatshirts because they may be perceived as a threat. That is the definition of profiling and it really has to stop. And if it doesn’t more children may be killed for belonging to a minority community.

Stand Your Ground

With the unjustifiable death, or murder really, of Trayvon Martin countless Americans have been introduced to the Castle Doctrine which in some states is known as the Stand Your Ground Law or Make My Day Law. To say these laws are vague and don’t really define anything would be an extreme understatement. See the law dates all the way back to 1628 when an English jurist Sir Edward Coke. Since its inception the Castle Law has been renamed and has many restrictions added and taken away from it until the law has become the laws we have now in the United States.

The law originally granted people to protect themselves and their homes from intrusion even if it meant the possibility “justifiable” homicide. That was the original Castle Doctrine, the later drafter Make My Day law extended out to ones car or means of transportation. The name of the law is a reference to the line uttered by the character Harry Callahan, played by Clint Eastwood, in the movie Sudden Impact. The later drafted Stand Your Ground Law or No Duty To Retreat Law not only extends to outside your home or car but also any where you have a right to be. So, let’s say I am in Delaware just walking down the street and I see an assailant walking towards me. If I feel endangered I have not only the right to defend myself but also if need be the right to commit “justifiable” homicide.

Some groups like the NRA and other gun-rights groups will argue the Stand Your Ground Law only defends people defending their homes. Other groups like the Brady Campaign and additional gun control groups claim that the law will eventually lead to innocent people being hurt and killed. There are a few examples of the Stand Your Ground Law being taken to the extreme. One example is in 2007 a cops son ruthlessly attacked one man while the victims back was to the assailant then the assailant stormed off and attacked a homeless who was just standing there, the homeless man was literally just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The cops son claimed the Stand Your Ground as his reason to attack the two men. The most recent and probably more atrocious case was the death of seventeen year old Trayvon Martin. George Zimmerman  shot and killed the young teenager without really any reason. George Zimmerman was told by the 911 operators not to follow Martin but did anyways. When the police arrived on the scene  they found that Trayvon Martin was visiting his father and only had skittles, an Arizona Iced Tea, and cell phone on his person.

In both cases there were three victims one white male and two black males. Also, in both cases there was no arrest made at the scene of the crime. So, why did these two assailants get to go home while one victim was severely injured, another victim hospitalized, and the final victims life taken. Well it’s because in both cases the assailants claimed the Stand Your Ground Law as their defense and the police took it as there was no need to arrest the two attackers. It’s mind boggling that they were able to claim this law as their defense though, because in both cases there was some kind of evidence that proved both assailants were unprovoked. In the case of Jonathan Collison, the cops son, there was video tape of him viciously attacking both victims unprovoked. In the case of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman was recorded saying he saw Trayvon Martin and began following him. Provided with that information how does a police officer not make an arrest. There’s another interesting fact, in both cases the managing police officer at the crime scene was the same man.

A lot of people have been claiming an air racism in the cases. I am definitely the last person to jump to that conclusion however, in this case it is unavoidable. Whether it’s police ignoring to arrest the assailants or the assailants attacking black men for no reason, especially in the case of Trayvon Martin. George Zimmerman had no reason to believe Trayvon Martin was a criminal and he had no reason to be carrying a gun when patrolling for neighborhood watch. I mean it’s the neighborhood watch, your job is described in the title you watch the neighborhood nothing more nothing less. Zimmerman’s acts of vigilantism were caked in racism. Going after a young man simply because he’s black there was no other reason Zimmerman had to follow Martin. The racism was actually heard in a 911 call.

I am one year older than Trayvon Martin, I have dealt with racism on numerous accounts. I have been called a nigger during lacrosse games. I have had women and men clench their belongings when I have entered an elevator. I have been stopped by police walking home after football practice. And I have grown accustom to all those things but, after hearing the story of Trayvon Martin the racial profiling really needs to stop. I mean Trayvon Martin was seventeen and rather small, one-hundred-forty pounds, and he was perceived as a threat to a man a decade older than him and at least one hundred pounds heavier. So there are definite racist sentiments. I know racism will always exist but we need to try harder to stop it but we need to stop being so politically correct about things to.

Single Parenthood Linked to Child Abuse

According to a new bill introduced by Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman single parenthood is now linked to Child abuse and neglect. It’s not just single parenthood that the bill links to neglect but also non-married couples, such as same-sex couples or the just as sinful wedlock couples. The bill requires “the Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board to emphasize nonmarital parenthood as a contributing factor to child abuse and neglect.” Now, how does one equate a non-married couple to child abusers simply because the couple isn’t married. It is impossible, unless you believe an “unconventional family” unit is abuse within itself.

Now to say Wisconsin Senate bill 507 would do a lot of damage to many Wisconsinites is an understatement. Of the people with children in Wisconsin one-third of them are single parents but, there are same-sex couples with children and also there are non-married couples with children. It is, quite frankly, pathetic to label these groups of people as child abusers because they don’t fit your mold of the perfect family. These people may be struggling to take care of their children as it is and to say to them “Oh you might get your children taken away because you’re not apart of an ‘old fashioned family’.” is so outlandish many people would probably laugh at the idea. However, this bill could possibly become law in about two years.

Black Month History

Today marks the start of Black History Month. On our television sets there will be short videos of the accomplishments of members of the black community. We will be reminded of Wilma Rudolph and other black athletes. We will reminisce on the accomplishments of Martin Luther King Jr. and other black activists. Our attention will be called to the achievements of every notable black person in United States history. So why don’t I like Black History Month?

Black History Month started off as Negro History Week  in 1926 and was started by historian Carter G. Woodson. It began as an attempt to educate the American people of African-American history. In 1976 African-American History Month or Black History Month became a month long annual celebration of African-American history. Black History Month is observed in February in the United States and Canada and in October in the United Kingdom. During these month long tutorials of African-American history young Americans learn the history African-Americans. Young Americans are almost literally bombarded with facts of the Black Community during this month.

So back to my question. Why don’t I like Black History Month? It’s not that I don’t like it, It’s just that I don’t like what it does. I don’t have a problem with it personally. However, I have a problem with what it does to the nation. It causes some what of a rift, if you will, between the black community and other ethnic groups. It seems that the black community is the only community that needs to be recognized for what it has provided to American culture. And because they force their accomplishments down the throats of other ethnic groups, the other ethnic groups start to form a resentment towards the black community thus creating a rift in American society.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Black history especially if it is the history of Blacks that are Americans. In times like these, though, a month dedicated to educating people on a certain community causes a rift when we already have way too many rifts in American society. We plead for inclusion and equality but, really, Black History Month does just the opposite. It excludes and divides. It makes people feel an inequality. I am not saying get rid of Black History Month, I’m just saying think about what it does before we continue recognizing it.

Every Religion Has Done Wrong

With Syria, a mostly Muslim country, being engulfed in turmoil over this past week end a lot of people were quick to bash Muslims again. People were dropping the usual harassing statements, like “towel heads”, or just any other offensive term for Muslims. Some people called Islam a hateful and backwards religion, stating “Mohammed raped nine year old little girls and ‘Allah’ allowed him to do it.”, unbeknownst to those people Allah is the same God as the Christian and Jewish God, those are the three Abrahamic religions. One woman also wrote one of the most outlandish statements I have ever read. She wrote, ” Of all the loons in the world, Muslims have to be the looniest”, as if some how all Muslims are grouped together and have the same brain.

What I think is funny, is all these self righteous Christians claim that all Muslims are evil and that no Muslim should be allowed to live in America. Self righteous Christians chastise all Muslims as if all Muslims are tied to terrorist groups and all Muslims condone acts of terror against America. Which is stupid for two reasons. One, America has the largest population of Muslims outside of the middle east. Two, if we’re going to blame all Muslims for the acts of a small group of Muslims then we should treat all religions the same. So that means we should treat all Christians terribly because of the things a few Christians did in the past.

What horrible things have Christians done that beckon for them to be treated the same way people treat Muslims? Try Timothy McVeigh, who bombed Oklahoma City to avenge what had happened at Waco and Ruby Ridge, and also drew inspiration from Focus On the Family’s founder, James Dobson. Did you forget about Peoples Temple founder Jim Jones and what he did? Jim Jones brutally beat young children in front of his congregation, often used methamphetamines, and lastly he led a mass suicide that left 909 people dead including 303 children. Then you got the Branch Davidians led by David Koresh. The Branch Davidians are the group that were apart of the Waco Siege. The Waco siege ultimately led to almost all of the Branch Davidians being killed. Then there are just so many other Christian groups that do horrible thing, there’s too many of them to write down in one post.

So do you see what I mean? If we blame every body who practices a religion for the actions of a fringe group we’d all be blamed for some thing we didn’t do. The discriminatory statements I showed you earlier in this article are just a few of the statements out there. And the discrimination will continue until we teach tolerance to the intolerant.

It’s Seldom That Truth wins

From Mitt Romney’s tax returns we found out a lot. We found out that he pays a 13.6 percent income tax which amounts to 3 million dollars. We also found out he makes more in a day than the median American household makes in a year. Probably one of the most understated things we found out from Mitt Romney’s tax return is to which groups he made large donations.

From Mr. Romney’s tax returns we found out he donates a considerable amount of money to organizations working to end the spread of LGBT equality. There’s two problems with this discovery. Two weeks before releasing his tax returns, Mitt Romney said in New Hampshire that he would support equal rights for members of the LGBT community. The other problem is, Mitt Romney aspires to be the President of the United States but, is willing to alienate a group of Americans and help spread false statements about that group of Americans.

The two groups that Mr. Romney made his donations to were The Massachusetts Family Institute, to whom Mr. Romney donated ten thousand dollars, and The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, to whom Romney donated twenty-five thousand dollars. Both organizations preach that you can pray the gay away, because one chooses to be gay the same way he or she chooses to be born with a cleft lip. They also preach that conversion or reparative therapy can turn a homosexual person into a heterosexual. These two groups stand by reparative therapy even though the American Psychology Association states  there’s nothing wrong with members of the LGBT community and that reparative therapy doesn’t work.

The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty’s name is actually contradictory. They want religious liberty for religious people but not for people who are free of religion or don’t follow exactly what “religious” books say. They were the people that made sure “under God” stayed in the Pledge of Allegiance. Even though they claim to be protecting peoples religious freedoms they are forcing all kids in the United States, even the ones who may not believe in a God, to say the Pledge of Allegiance with “under God” in it. That doesn’t sound like religious freedom to me.

Then the Massachusetts Family Institute is just outright bigoted. They support a bill that would fine a transgender male or transgender female for using the public restroom or dressing room of the sex they identify with. While the fine is relatively small, fifty dollars, it’s the principle of the bill that throws me off. The Tennessee Legislator who drafted the bill, Sen. (R) Bo Watson, claimed that the bill was to ensure the safety of all patrons in public facilities. Yea, that’s how he justifies his transphobia, with a lame ass excuse claiming it is to protect people, because so many transgender people are just running around raping people in public restrooms and dressing rooms.

Mr. Romney needs to make up his mind. He needs to decide if he wants to represent all Americans or only the ones who believe what he does. Then when he finally makes up his he needs to not be so capricious. Mr. Romney make up your mind and stay with what you have decided. I think it’s more important to build strong base of people that have similar beliefs than a shaky base of people who only agree with the things you say rather than what you actually believe.

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The Constitution Says… WHAT?

The Constitution says nothing about marriage but, many biblical conservatives, Rick Santorum, claim that same sex marriage is unconstitutional. I have read the constitution and I have also looked through numerous websites about the constitution and it has to be stated that nowhere and I mean nowhere in the constitution does  it say same sex marriage is banned. Now there’s the Defense Of Marriage Act, DOMA, that deems same sex marriages invalid and states the definition of marriage is “only a legal union between man and woman”. However, Section 3 of DOMA, the one that defines marriage between man and woman, has been deemed by many to be unconstitutional. So if Section 3 of DOMA is your only claim to same sex marriages being unconstitutional then you my friend are stuck in a pickle of a thing you find unconstitutional and a thing that has been deemed unconstitutional by people like Attorney General Eric Holder and President Barack Obama.

How do I see same sex marriage? I see same sex marriage as marriage. I don’t see it any differently than opposite sex marriage. To me marriage is when two people come together and voice their love for one another in a public forum. I don’t see any difference between two men getting married and man and woman getting married.

The situation is like this. I am heterosexual 18 year old man and one day I hope to get married. But what if I wasn’t able to get marry the woman of my dreams because she was taller than me or if she wasn’t biracial. I would be extremely hurt and disheartened. Just thinking about that gets me upset. Fortunately, I won’t ever have to worry about not being able to marry the woman I love. Sadly, people in America are unable to marry the partners they are in love with only because their partners are of the same sex. It’s stupid but, I believe my gay friends will some day be able to marry the people they love.

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Gay History?

In July Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill mandating LGBT history be taught in schools across California. To say the least, I am very proud to be a Californian for this reason alone. However, a lot of my Californian counterparts do not feel the same way about this momentous bill. People were outraged and took to social media sites claiming God will smite Californians who supported this bill. Others stated teaching LGBT history will turn children homosexual. One person even asked, “What gay history?” Statements like these left me perplexed, even dumbfounded at the ignorance of some people.

America alone is saturated in the history of the LGBT community and more history is being every day. People asked what difference does it make that people are taught that Leonardo Da Vinci or Andy Warhol were gay. The difference it makes is if some one admires the works of these men and knows they were gay they may be more accepting of the gay individual in their class or the entire LGBT community.

Other people were dropping references to the bible and asking why can’t kids be taught about the life of Jesus Christ. My problem with that is it alienates the groups of people who aren’t christian and also we live in a secular state. It shouldn’t matter what the bible says about anything in a building funded by the state or federal government. And not only that but what about the other things allowed by the law of the land but forbidden by the bible. Like incest, which is discussed in Leviticus 19: 6-30  but allowed in 16 states, or how about the love of money which Jesus says is an abomination in Luke 16:15. What about how the bible says it’s wrong to eat shell fish, like crab or lobster but, I’ve never seen any one protest a Red Lobster or Joe’s Crab Shack.Then there’s the “don’t mark yourself as the pagans do” that means no tattoos or piercings but people get cross earrings and bible scriptures tattooed all across there body, but nobody boycotts tattoo parlors.  Or please some one I have rounded the edges of my beard and since the bible says that is an abomination punishable by death I should no longer be allowed to live on this earth. Some people, like San Diego pastor Miles McPherson, will argue some laws of the Old Testament shouldn’t be taken seriously any more but the one about homosexuality being an abomination still rings true.

I’m tired of people using their religion to be homophobic. They take the Bible and other holy books like the Qu’Ran as absolute truth with no mistakes rather than for what they really are, books. Books that have been translated, re-translated, and  are missing some parts.

I’m going to get off the religious aspect now and go into other issues people have with the law. One black woman said “They give us the shortest month of the year but the can teach the history of these evil people.” That woman probably doesn’t even know that there’s an Asian Pacific American month, Hispanic Heritage month, or American Indian Heritage month. She complains about having the most notable heritage month and tries to compare it to a law that is trying to end discrimination and hate crimes against another American minority. Yea, she comes off sounding intelligent. Another person said ” I don’t want to sound like a gay basher  but this law is stupid and alienates heterosexuals.” I’m sure, the people who can get married and divorced at any time and are other wise given privileges not awarded to homosexuals feel alienated because a groups history is being taught. I understand where he’s coming from but it holds nothing to common sense.

I am proud this bill passed and I am eager to see what good it will do for future generations. I am just disappointed that this bill won’t have an affect on the older people who need it. Until every one is tolerant of every ones differences we will see discrimination, hate crimes and unnecessary suffering. I’d like to see an America where people don’t fight each other over asinine reasons such as race, religion, or sexual orientation but I’m a dreamer filled with innocence. I can only hope and no one better try to stop me.

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