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I am too old to be governed by the fear of dumb people, good thing I live in a country governed by a representative democracy. That being said, I am also too young to to be governed by old peoples fears, fortunately for me I live in a country where there are more old people than young people. However, I am also lucky enough to understand that people change as well other things. Such as beliefs, religions, and ideologies. I believe that statement so much I’ll even call it a fact, especially the one about ideologies. I mean we can look through several decades and eras and you can see how the ideologies of the nation change.

In the late 1800’s through the early 1900’s you saw a shift to conservatism with a counter culture of secret liberalism, that lasted for the most part until 1933. Then in 1933 we saw a strongly democratic president take office for twelve years and he was followed by an equally strong democratic president. Then in mid 1940’s we saw a shift to the middle which lasted for a short while and in 1950 we saw a shift so far to the right, that people were being blacklisted for simply being accused of being a communist. Then in the 1960’s we saw the birth of modern liberalism we the inauguration of John F. Kennedy. Then after Johnson’s stint in office we saw a president take office who was slightly right of center but a counter culture that was far left of center. Finally we saw the birth of  what was known as modern conservatism with Ronald Reagan taking office. Reagan’s predecessor was a man who held the same beliefs as he but he couldn’t hold the office for eight years. His predecessor was Bill Clinton who was for the most part a left of center president. He led the nation to a prosperous era. He was then followed by George W. Bush who had a hard time keeping the nations economy afloat while dealing with two wars. While the second Bush was in office you saw people go farther to their respective ideologies.

Now we have a president who is having a hard time getting things done for a number of reasons. Obstructionism, a full plate, growing daughters, and other things. Under his control we have seen the two main ideologies split so far apart we haven’t seen the country divided like this since the Civil War. With as much divisiveness as we’re seeing one can say we are absolutely left for dry, unless we figure out a way to fix our differences. The way I see it, everyone is stupid even the most brilliant people. You know why? Because we all believe we have the answers. When in reality all we have is our mouths open trying to drown every body else because we believe we know what’s best and every body else is an idiot. The sooner we stop thinking we’re geniuses and every one else less than us the sooner can get back to being a united nation that disagrees on a few things instead of a divided nation that doesn’t agree on diddly squat.


Numbers Lie

There’s a new demotivational picture floating around the internet and the numbers on this photo don’t necessarily lie but they definitely don’t tell the whole truth. On one half of the picture it says “Debt added by the 43 previous presidents combined: 6.3 trillion”. On the other half of this picture it says “Debt added by this president: 6.5 trillion”. While this picture is factually correct it does not relay all of the facts.

Yes through the first forty-three presidents only 6.3 trillion dollars were added to the deficit but that 6.3 trillion was also added by a single president. When Clinton left office there was a surplus and that means when Bush took office there was a surplus. When bush left office there was a deficit, a 6.3 trillion dollar deficit. Now if I only tell you these facts it makes it seem like President Bush was a pretty shitty president, and I don’t believe he was. Now if I tell you that when Bush was in office we entered two wars, had many tax cuts, and other things that would influence the deficit, would you still feel the same way. Maybe, it really depends on what your political views and other circumstances.

Now there’s the whole forty-fourth presidents added debt. Obama has added a ton and I mean a ton of money to the deficit, 6.5 sounds about right. 6.5 trillion dollars is a lot to add to a deficit in ten years let alone three but then there’s the whole numbers being taken out of context thing. If I told you any other person added 6.5 trillion dollars in three years you’d probably have an aneurysm. However, if I told you that that person inherited a crumbling housing market. Big banks that were too big to fail so they had to bail them out. They also inherited a crumbling automobile industry. That person also had companies shipping jobs to other countries so people got laid off therefore more people collect welfare and unemployment benefits. Had to prevent two new wars. And that person also inherited the biggest recession since The Great Depression. Now that all those things have been introduced to the equation, that 6.5 trillion, albeit it is still a tremendously large number, seems a little bit more reasonable.

Then there’s other things that the presidents cannot account for. Such as inflation, a do nothing congress, population increase, and other things. While Obama has collected the most debt in the shortest amount of time, if you put the debt numbers at the time of The Great Depression into what they would be today I am almost certain Herbert Hoover would have accumulated a similar amount of debt. I’m not saying Obama doesn’t have some faults because he has faults and he is to blame for some things. I’m just saying rather than spread half lies put everything out there and allow people to come to their own conclusions.

The GOP’s Not Racist

In recent days the American people have been bombarded by racist comments from GOP presidential candidates. From Rick Santorum’s comments about blacks on welfare to Newt Gingrich’s comments to blacks directly. Some things have changed and we have seen the old GOP go out the window and be replaced by far right wing renegades.

I’m not that old and I don’t remember much about politics before Bush. I do remember Bush though. He was a respectable person and president. He didn’t alienate citizens to gather attention and votes from people who wouldn’t have voted for him otherwise. He spoke to people whose votes he knew he could get. He didn’t say outlandish racist things and pretend they were true, unlike Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum.

Newt Gingrich stands by his comments whereas Rick Santorum says he “might have” said his. Nevertheless it is being perpetuated across the nation that blacks are the sole collectors of welfare. I’ll admit that blacks have the highest percentage of people on welfare but they are also among smallest groups of people in America and a considerable amount of blacks live in conditions below poverty. However, whites have the largest group of people on welfare. Blacks account for 39.8% of the people on welfare and they make up 12.2% of the U.S. population whereas whites account for 38.8 % of the people on welfare and make up over 60% of the U.S. population. There are 312,807,039 people in the U.S. so that means there are 37,685,848 blacks in America and that means 14,998,967.5 blacks are on welfare. Now let’s do the math to find out how many whites are on welfare. There are 196,817,552 in America 38.8 % of them are on welfare so there’s roughly 76,365,210.18 white Americans on welfare. My numbers may be off and if they are feel free to correct, but if they’re not white Americans collect an exponentially greater amount of welfare money than blacks.

This being case why are blacks the only people being blamed for collecting welfare. People like Santorum and Gingrich need to come off their high horses and take a look at all the numbers. They need to realize nobody is perfect and to blame our economic problems on a group of people is similar to what Nazi Germany did with Jewish people. I’d like to clarify I am not comparing any one to Hitler and I am not comparing America to Nazi Germany. I am however, stating similarities. So until we get rid of those similarities we will continue to be on a path of destruction.

I will provide some links to show debunked myths and where I got my numbers from.


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Pardon Me?

ProPublica and The Washington Post came out with a story showing that during the Bush Administration a white inmate was 400 times more likely to be pardoned than an inmate who was a minority. Why is there such a disparity? Why is a white inmate more likely to be pardoned than say an Asian or Latino inmate? And why should this not be considered as racism?

In my opinion George Bush isn’t by any means a racist or a bigot, I believe this to be so true I’ll even say it’s a fact. When Bush looked over the applications he did not know the race of the applicants. Now there’s the names that are an obvious give away like Ho, which is obviously an Asian,or Gutierrez, which is obviously a Latino. As you look at the cases that ProPublica presented you have to wonder, Why? In the 1,918 pardon cases he went over he pardoned 189 prisoners. Of those 189 prisoners pardoned 13 weren’t white.

ProPublica studied cases where white and black inmates had similar offenses that had different outcomes. This is what they came up with “An African American woman from Little Rock, fined $3,000 for underreporting her income in 1989, was denied a pardon; a white woman from the same city who faked multiple tax returns to collect more than $25,000 in refunds got one. A black, first-time drug offender — a Vietnam veteran who got probation in South Carolina for possessing 1.1 grams of crack – was turned down. A white, fourth-time drug offender who did prison time for selling 1,050 grams of methamphetamine was pardoned.” It’s obvious which crimes are worse and it’s obvious which inmates should have been pardoned but why weren’t the proper inmates pardoned.