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Who Is What?

James Baldwin is one of my favorite all time authors. His works embodied what it was like to be a struggling black person in America and every now and again his works embodied the soul and struggle of homosexual men. He often portrayed the harder side of life and people learned and gained perspective from his plays, poems, essays, and novels. There’s a side of Mr. Baldwin that people over look from time to time. They over look the fact that Mr. Baldwin was a great orator and said some amazingly brilliant things. In my opinion James Baldwin is one the greatest American authors to have graced this soil.

One of the greatest things Baldwin said was in the introduction to his KQED documentary, Take This Hammer. The documentary itself focuses on James Baldwin as he travels around San Francisco in 1963 discussing with a few members of the black community in San Francisco the struggle of a black person in that era. In the introduction though he discusses how people project their opinion of themselves on others. He states in more or less words that the nasty names we call people are the names in which we feel we are.

This was only a theory at the time James Baldwin made this assessment. However, since 1963 studies have shown that people actually do do this. Studies claim that people who are the most homophobic or racist have an attraction to the same sex, for homophobic, or other races, for racist. People don’t really understand why we project our negative feelings about ourselves on each other but they have determined it is a coping mechanism we use to make us feel good about ourselves.

There’s another funny thing about this realization, we see it everyday and we don’t even realize it. If you watch, listen, or follow politics any other way you would know that a lot of politicians and pundits  are constantly calling each other names. With these studies in mind you have to think to yourself if these people are really giving an opinion of somebody or the opinion of themselves. We hear often Rush Limbaugh calling somebody an awful or criticizing some one harshly. So when we hear him speak is he speaking of himself or the actually person he’s criticizing.

On a serious side of this study many American kids are being bullied. Whether they are being bullied for their faith, sexual orientation, or just because of their appearance. Now this may not be directly related but another study showed that people often project negative emotions on others who have traits they wish they had. So when a kid in school is bullied and called a nerd his bullies probably wish they had the intelligence and wits of the person being bullied. However, when bullying goes on in schools it can either go to far or a bullied kid may not know how to handle the situation well and it may lead to very negative incidents that can be avoided.

As adults and well educated ones at that we need to come together and put the pettiness behind us. We need to stop building walls between us and start tearing walls down. If we put things past us the children may be able to get out of this economic turmoil we’re in now.


Gay History?

In July Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill mandating LGBT history be taught in schools across California. To say the least, I am very proud to be a Californian for this reason alone. However, a lot of my Californian counterparts do not feel the same way about this momentous bill. People were outraged and took to social media sites claiming God will smite Californians who supported this bill. Others stated teaching LGBT history will turn children homosexual. One person even asked, “What gay history?” Statements like these left me perplexed, even dumbfounded at the ignorance of some people.

America alone is saturated in the history of the LGBT community and more history is being every day. People asked what difference does it make that people are taught that Leonardo Da Vinci or Andy Warhol were gay. The difference it makes is if some one admires the works of these men and knows they were gay they may be more accepting of the gay individual in their class or the entire LGBT community.

Other people were dropping references to the bible and asking why can’t kids be taught about the life of Jesus Christ. My problem with that is it alienates the groups of people who aren’t christian and also we live in a secular state. It shouldn’t matter what the bible says about anything in a building funded by the state or federal government. And not only that but what about the other things allowed by the law of the land but forbidden by the bible. Like incest, which is discussed in Leviticus 19: 6-30  but allowed in 16 states, or how about the love of money which Jesus says is an abomination in Luke 16:15. What about how the bible says it’s wrong to eat shell fish, like crab or lobster but, I’ve never seen any one protest a Red Lobster or Joe’s Crab Shack.Then there’s the “don’t mark yourself as the pagans do” that means no tattoos or piercings but people get cross earrings and bible scriptures tattooed all across there body, but nobody boycotts tattoo parlors.  Or please some one I have rounded the edges of my beard and since the bible says that is an abomination punishable by death I should no longer be allowed to live on this earth. Some people, like San Diego pastor Miles McPherson, will argue some laws of the Old Testament shouldn’t be taken seriously any more but the one about homosexuality being an abomination still rings true.

I’m tired of people using their religion to be homophobic. They take the Bible and other holy books like the Qu’Ran as absolute truth with no mistakes rather than for what they really are, books. Books that have been translated, re-translated, and  are missing some parts.

I’m going to get off the religious aspect now and go into other issues people have with the law. One black woman said “They give us the shortest month of the year but the can teach the history of these evil people.” That woman probably doesn’t even know that there’s an Asian Pacific American month, Hispanic Heritage month, or American Indian Heritage month. She complains about having the most notable heritage month and tries to compare it to a law that is trying to end discrimination and hate crimes against another American minority. Yea, she comes off sounding intelligent. Another person said ” I don’t want to sound like a gay basher  but this law is stupid and alienates heterosexuals.” I’m sure, the people who can get married and divorced at any time and are other wise given privileges not awarded to homosexuals feel alienated because a groups history is being taught. I understand where he’s coming from but it holds nothing to common sense.

I am proud this bill passed and I am eager to see what good it will do for future generations. I am just disappointed that this bill won’t have an affect on the older people who need it. Until every one is tolerant of every ones differences we will see discrimination, hate crimes and unnecessary suffering. I’d like to see an America where people don’t fight each other over asinine reasons such as race, religion, or sexual orientation but I’m a dreamer filled with innocence. I can only hope and no one better try to stop me.

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