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America’s Economy Wounded but Not Dead

America’s economy has gaping wound in the middle of it’s chest and we have two parties arguing about how to deal with it. We have the republicans who have often said the numbers aren’t real and they are a lot worse than the president and his administration is letting on or a few republicans will say the economy doesn’t need a band aid but, they don’t offer any viable economic plans. On the other hand you have democrats who are little too band aid happy. The democrats provide a lot of short term economic plans but they haven’t provided any long term ideas. So the question a lot of people are asking themselves and their politicians is, “Do we just let the economy bleed out or do we dress the wound and apply pressure until we have a permanent cure?”

Politicians are making the economy a partisan thing but when has other peoples money, job, or livelihood been a partisan thing. We have people saying “No no no, we can’t worry about the poor people and we can’t raise taxes on the job Creators.” We tried that for about ten or eleven years now and look where it’s got us. We’ve shot our economy in the foot and we’re slowly pointing the gun higher and higher up our economic body. If we continue down this road we’re going to be shooting our economy in the head and America as a nation will be left for dead and our grandchildren and great grandchildren will spend their entire lifetimes trying to revive the American Economy.

We as private citizens need to write our representatives and tell them we want our government working for us and only us. We don’t care about corporate interests or money. We don’t care what you think are job creators because we took high school economics and understand that in a capitalistic society we the people are job creators. Their stories that wealthy people who send jobs overseas are job creators here in America is tired and old. We voted our representatives into office to do two things. 1) Represent us and our wishes,and  2) Protect our rights. Recently they have been protecting our rights but they haven’t been representing us or our wishes. Let’s tell our representatives like it is. We get them into that job and we can get them out of it. If we just remind them of that I’m pretty sure they’ll represent us more often.


The Real Job Creators

A lot of right wing ideologues oppose tax increases on Americas most wealthy by stating one thing but, that one thing doesn’t hold much truth. What is the right wing ideologues statement? That statement is “You can’t raise taxes on the rich because they are the ‘job creators’.” Excuse my language for a minute but, that statement is total and utter bull shit. Where did they get the idea that these people are the job creators? If you know any one who says wealthy people are job creators tell them to email me and explain to me how the wealthy are job creators.

See in America there is a thing called a free market economy. While Americas free market is not a totally pure free market, it is a free market none the less. Being that our economy is based upon a free market, there is one thing we absolutely cannot escape. That thing that we absolutely cannot escape is supply and demand. Supply and demand isn’t a black and white thing. There are many variables that play into a free market economy and supply and demand so the explanations I will give will be the simple basic ideas of supply and demand.

Supply is dependent on demand and it also goes the other way around. The equilibrium is the perfect balance of supply and demand. If demand is high then supply will most likely be high, thus creating a higher equilibrium. If supply is high and demand is down their will be a lower equilibrium. With that information being stated, I am now going to tell you who and what creates jobs.

If demand is high there will be more need of supply. If supply is high then we will need more people to create the products that are being demanded. If more people are making a product the action of making that product is a persons job. That being said, some people will still wonder who are the job creators. Well in a free market economy, that is based on supply and demand, people like you and I are the real job creators. Don’t believe me, look at what happens every year during Christmas and Summer time.

While wealthy business owners do play their part in creating jobs initially, after free enterprise takes action, business owners play no part in job creation. The fact that some conservative and liberal politicians are lying to us and telling us business owners need to be protected from taxes is upsetting. These politicians are pretty much calling the American people stupid and are expecting that we haven’t taken a simple economics class, which is a requirement to graduate from high school. The politicians need to stop representing big businesses and wealthy business owners and get back to representing the average American. I just turned eighteen not even a year ago and I am already sick and tired of the games politicians play. I know those of you who are older than me must be ready to ditch the whole idea of democracy after seeing it be corrupted by people like the Koch brothers. Hopefully, politicians will smarten up and get the Koch out of our government.

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Keep Government in Business

A lot of people continue to say that government needs to get out of business. A lot of those same people say there should be no minimum wage and that government and business should be separated like government and church. All of the people that say government needs to get out of business and that we don’t need minimum are either blissfully ignorant to the Tammany Hall Era of America or they are purposely ignoring it.

Don’t get me wrong, government should have as little power in business as possible but, government should still be able to delegate laws on child labor, minimum wage, working conditions, outsourcing,  and other reasonable regulations. People like Sarah Palin say that regulations are hurting the “Job Creators” and that’s why so many people lost their jobs. That’s ridiculous. Yes, regulations may be a little strenuous on the “Job Creators” but those regulations ensure a safe and healthy environment for younger generations. Owners of Corporations will shout at the top of their lungs “REGULATIONS ARE KILLING JOBS!!!!” but , what they are thinking is “We don’t live in a place where we will be affected by the toxic waste we dump in that river, so why should I have to pay to keep that area clean.”Any body supports no regulations might as well as be shouting fuck you to your face.

I live in Long Beach, which is the 36th biggest city in the United States and it is also one of most dominant maritime ports and also off shore drilling is pretty big in Long Beach. I see the regulations that government has set in place to ensure a safe and healthy take action and work every day. For people to say regulations don’t work, they either don’t live in a big city with a lot of factories or they are in the pocket of  of the big corporations that want less regulations. Regulations are good and we should really consider keeping government in business.

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