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Science and Abortion

I stumbled upon a pro-life facebook page the other day. At first I was like “Alright this is pretty cool. People voicing their opinions in a reasonable and peaceful manner.” Then I began looking through the pictures and I saw the discussions people were having in relation to the pictures and I became even more appreciative of facebook as a place to convey ones political or religious beliefs. A few moments later I lost a little of that appreciation when I stumbled upon a  picture of a single celled organism or possibly some other cell, one that may become a baby someday, with a few sentences written on it. The picture read ” If a single living cell was found on a distant planet, scientists would exclaim that we have found life elsewhere in the universe. So why is a single living cell found in the womb of a pregnant woman not considered life?” The person who created must not know anything about science.

I don’t know much about science but I have never received a grade lower than a B in a science class  so I know a little bit about science and little about how scientists speak. If a scientist saw this picture that professional probably would have called the creator of this picture a smart ass who was trying to put, or rather take, words from a scientists mouth. See a scientist will say anything that is made up of cells has life. By the logic of a scientist a sperm cell has life, an egg inside a woman has life, a single celled organism on some distant planet has life. Where the logic of a scientist differentiates from a person of the pro-life persuasion is that a sperm cell in implanted in a woman’s uterine lining is not human life.

Abortion isn’t black and white as many people believe. Some people will say when you’re dealing with abortion you have those who are pro-life and pro-abortion. It’s not like that at all. I am the perfect example of someone who is pro-choice. I don’t believe abortion is right but I don’t necessarily think it’s wrong but if I got a girl pregnant I’d ask her to keep it because I believe it’s wrong for me and the woman I am in a relationship with. So while I may oppose abortions personally I understand that some people have different beliefs and their circumstances are different than mine.

Then there’s the “infanticide” thing. You know when a woman wants an abortion and some how miraculously survived and people have to choose what to do with the, I don’t know what to call this so I apologize if I offend any one right now, half born child. Often people elect to finish the abortion and sometimes people keep and raise the child. But “infanticide”, which has been totally bastardized, is what happens when a half born child is killed. People say this is worse than abortion and that it should be illegal but what does one do with a child they wanted to abort but, ended up surviving and now has some severe medical problems. The woman obviously tried to abort it the child for a reason and now you’re going to force her to keep it or she’s going to give it to the state where the government will have to pay for the medical bills and pay for the orphan system to raise the child until the child is adopted. You’re caught in the cross hairs with this topic.

What I am really trying to say is abortion is confusing. The less we as a nation stop trying to marginalize it to an issue that is black and white the easier it will be for us to talk about it. People are either pro-life or pro-choice and they are stiff in those positions. If we loosen those reigns a little bit we will be able to have a more intelligent discourse and get more done and create a lot more reasonable bills that will help a lot more women and families. And that is the most important thing right? Protecting Americans.


Pregnant Before They Even Have Sex

Arizona’s congress is back at it again and this time their stupidity has been raised to a whole new level entirely. Their level of stupidity was raised when somebody drafted a bill claiming that an unborn child gestational period begins on the first day of the last day of a menstrual cycle. So with that language it says a pregnancy begins when a woman’s ovulation cycle begins.  Their level of stupidity sky rocketed to unseen level when they passed this deranged bill. Arizona’s congress should really rethink this bill and whether or not they should have passed it.

I am not going to delve into whether or not this another attack on women nor am I going to say this another installment of the War On Women. I will call this a dumb ass bill that should not have ever been drafted. This reaches beyond stupidity and any kind of scientific reason but ,you know what, It’s law and now women do have to be more careful and pay closer attention to certain things.

There’s also another part of this bill that is a bit controversial and is getting over looked a bit as well. In the bill it defines what an unborn child is. In Section 3 Part 13, the bill defines an unborn child as “the offspring of human beings from conception until birth”. With this definition in the bill the Arizona legislators got a little Personhood into the bill. I may be wrong on this part of the bill but I have looked all across the internet and could not find whether or not an unborn child is always defined as “the offspring of human beings from conception until birth” but I’m figuring that’s not how it’s defined in the scientific world. Anyways there’s nothing wrong with the Arizona legislators putting this in the bill but you really have to think why are these people creating these bills. Are they creating them to try to protect the citizens of Arizona or are they passing them to force their beliefs on others?


State Sponsored Rape

With Virginia poised to enact a law that will force women to get an ultrasound, transvaginally, it seems inevitable that women and their reproductive rights will continue to be ignored. This law not only ignores women but, it also violates them. One reporter described it as state sponsored rape. When you think about it though, it’s more than that. This law allows the state to not only rape women but, also rob them. Because forcing women to get an unnecessary ultrasound wasn’t enough, Virginia legislators  saw it fit to make women pay for these unnecessary ultrasounds.

Women and their reproductive rights are being delegated by older men who lack a woman’s perspective. Just this past week the republicans set all men panel of expert witnesses to decide what the laws on contraception should be. Yes, you read that right, a panel of all men was chosen to decide whether contraception should be covered by insurance. And when woman offered to provide an expert opinion they said, “Nah, we men got this. We know what women want and need when it comes to contraception.” They didn’t really say that but by denying a woman to serve on this panel one can imply that’s what they were thinking.

The other disheartening thing besides the fact that men are deciding what women can and can’t do with their bodies, is the men’s reasons for telling women what to do with their bodies. Often times you’ll hear the people who are the most vehemently against abortion  or contraception are Catholic or some kind of super strict Christian. And one will think to themselves these men are only against abortion because of their religion. This assumption leads to people asking themselves, “Aren’t we supposed to leave our religions at the door and not let our religious beliefs affect our political beliefs?” You can answer that question with a yes and a no. While we live in a secular state our religious views can play an affect on your political views. It’s when you allow your religious beliefs to dictate to you what your political beliefs that it becomes an issue. Like the Personhood Amendment, a perfect example, shouldn’t have even been allowed because it was drafted and introduced to law makers by a Christian Right group, and for that reason alone it shouldn’t have been introduced to the legislature.

So you see what women have to deal with? They have to deal with a male dominated congress averaging fifty-eight years old, who lack the perspective of women. They also have to deal with a lot of religious zealots who wish to impose their beliefs upon them, even though they say they want a limited government. They have to worry about buying contraception by themselves when they may not have any money to spare. The way I see it, women are being dealt a really bad hand at this point in time and really need people to step up and speak on their behalf. And the people who speak on their behalf actually need to speak for what women want and not what they think women should want.

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Equality For Every Body’s Nether Regions

Virginia state lawmaker , Janet Howell, introduced a somewhat controversial yet extremely funny amendment to a bill into the Virginia senate. This amendment would have made it mandatory for any male getting treated for erectile dysfunction to get a rectal exam and heart test before being prescribed an erectile dysfunction medicine. Ms. Howell introduced this amendment in protest of the bill forcing women to get an unnecessary ultrasound before going through with an abortion.

Ms. Howell stated “We should just have a little gender equity here,”. I easily and understandably agree with her. It’s ridiculous to force a woman to pay for an ultrasound when they don’t need it. You may say “But a rectal exam is far more intrusive than an ultrasound,”. I respond to that by saying an ultrasound is an extremely intrusive thing only physically but, mentally and emotionally. In most cases when women see the unborn child living within them they become more attached to the fetus. I believe this is why the Virginia senate included the forced ultrasound into the bill.

The forced ultrasound bill passed. The forced rectal exam amendment almost made it into law but missed the mark by a narrow two votes, 21-19. This Virginia bill is by far one of the most intrusive laws in the reproductive rights field. There are the “fetal pain” laws, which say fetuses can feel pain so a woman can’t abort after 20 weeks, in Nebraska, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Alaska, South Dakota, and Texas. But even those states don’t force women to get an ultrasound before an abortion.

As reproductive rights continue to come to the forefront of politics, women continue to be misrepresented. They often don’t get their voices heard, being that there are only seventeen women in the U.S. Senate and ninety-two women in the U.S. House of Representatives. Majority of those women are democrats so there’s only aspect of the woman point of view being told and when that point of view being isn’t being there’s some old guy telling women what they can and can’t do with their body. In fact of all the people that support anti-abortion laws seventy-seven percent of them are men. That is a little backwards.

While I consider the gift of life a blessing. It is not my place to tell a woman the child that is growing with in her is a blessing. There are so many instances where an abortion is justifiable and for me to tell a woman that her reasons to abort are wrong is the slap in the face of every women to have ever lived. Then you have the cases where a woman is raped. To force that woman to carry the child of her attacker is like telling a man to donate sperm to the woman who cut his genitalia off. That puts that situation into perspective now doesn’t it?

Even though I have the situation into perspective some men will still continue to use the same old excuses to force their patriarchal ideals on women. Some women still use the same old excuses to follow those same prehistoric patriarchal ideals. However, until all women come out of the dark ages we will see intrusive and idiotic reproductive rights laws being introduced into law.

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