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Growing up I never had any really outlandish dreams. When I was asked who my role models were I would respond with some kind of armed service people, most often people in the navy or police officers.  If  asked what I wanted to be when I grew up my responses were lackluster and not because I said I wanted to be a trash man but because I knew exactly what I wanted to do, graduate  from college become a lieutenant in the navy stay in the service for about ten to fifteen years get out, become a police officer, retire from that then become a High School English teacher. The teachers were always proud of my responses but my class mates thought I was a dull boy. I just thought I was being realistic.

To this day I tend to only deal in things are or could be realistic. Even when I watch Science Fiction shows there has to be some level of realism there or I will just write off the entire series and laugh through the episodes. While my need for realism isn’t a good thing it is most certainly not a bad thing. In fact I’ll say it is better to deal in realism more often than fantasy, even though imagination and a realm of fantasy are very important. See right now in America we have a lot imagining going on. We keep saying if we do this or that the economy will get better but nobody wants to run the numbers. Nobody wants to put their feet to the fire and see if their plans will really work. People are throwing out hypotheses but are afraid to run the experiment and get the solutes and precipitates.

So as of right now we’re in a Whovian universe where the Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels, and the Silence are all in one episode and The Doctor is waving his sonic screwdriver around but not using it do figure anything out about the predicament he’s gotten himself and his companions into. Yep, I just compared The Doctor to the President Of the United States and The Doctors companions to the American people. But back to the main point. We have a lot of people trying to play the main hero when really they are just the companions or characters that belong in the subplot of an episode when we all know that at the end of the day the problems will be solved The Doctor, The POTUS, with the help of his companions, The American People. So people let’s be the companions to the Doctor and get the economy fixed.